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Costume Designer

Director: Charles Yee

Writer: Boni B. Alvarez

Scenic Designer: Chelsea Zhang

Lighting Designer: Grady Schlueder

Sound Designer: Jack Weiss

A modern-day adaption of Euripides' seminal tragedy, the titular character of Medea is transformed into Marabella Puro, an immigrant nanny stowed away by her boss in an apartment in Pacoima after becoming pregnant with his child. "Marabella" explores what it means to be a female immigrant in the U.S. today: the hardships, sacrifices, and concessions needed to survive, fin acceptance and love, all while being made invisible in plain site.

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Costume Designer

Director: Hunter Abal

Writers: Hunter Abal & David Blindauer

Scenic Designer: Avalon Greenberg

Sound Designer: Colin Yeo

Lighting Designer: Ry Burke

Video Design: Ly Eisenstien

Based on fictional events surrounding filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s notorious unfinished project, Aryan Papers, the newly established ensemble Eloquent Peasants create a cinematic multimedia experience in Kubrick's Aryan Papers or How I learned that I'm in pain 24 hours a day. In his fleeting subconscious, Kubrick attempts to complete the Holocaust movie he never finished as memories of his friends and family echo from within.

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Costume Designer

Directed & Produced by: The Speakeasy Society

Line Producer: Jared Pixler

Costume Designer: Emerson Bualat

Scenic Design: David Kim, Garrett Cebollero, Noah Hernandez, and Jordyn Ross

Sound Design: Amy Huang & Alena Delval

Lighting Design: Rachel Tibbetts

This piece pulls characters from a variety of Greek myths building one large world containing all of their individual stories. Engaging the setting of psychological space these costumes meld and mix a variety of different time periods to create The Labyrinth.

*This production was cancled due to Covid-19*

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Director: Jamie Cayer

Stage-Manager: Daniella Silva

Lighting Designer: Robert Hill-Guarino

You On the Moors Now follows the stories of Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Little Women, but if the women had said no. This feminist adaption reimagines the characters as modern versions of themselves. Setting the play in a mix of time periods, I played with a combination of the characters' original time period and our present.

Costume Designer

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